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Build, Don't Destroy

With so much constantly going on in and around the Black community, we automatically think those that have a platform should take on the role of being "our voice". When making this assumption, we must be conscious of the fact that not everyone has the same perspective, or are willing to speak on "our" behalf, or are even equipped to speak for us. 

There were negative opinions associated with Tiffany Haddish's respond to the reporter from People Magazine. Personally, I didn't expect that to come from her mouth, and was taken aback from her statement. If I were to put the blame on  anything, it would be lack of preparation. Her statement made on the Emmy stage lead to the question that was asked during the post award show interviews. Just as she prepared to speak on that stage, she should have been prepared to address the questions that may have followed. 

I do think her team, and the people closest to her that have been prominent in the public eye longer than she has, should speak with her so she can figure out what it is that she wants to say and know how to properly convey that when asked. I'm not saying that everything should be wrapped in a bow, nice and pretty, ready for delivery at a moment's notice; but a person should be sure that what they say represents how they truly feel in the best way possible. 

As a culture, I believe, we look to Tiffany Haddish as the homegirl. She is herself, freely and truly, but represents the face of many that support her. In doing so, I know there are some that are disappointed, even disturbed, by the way she responded to the question regarding inequality and lack of diversity amongst award winners. Whether she believes that she is not educated enough or not to be able to speak on the situation, she is knowledgeable and aware of the inequalities and should be at least willing to learn to provide a statement that expresses her aware and the fact that there is an issue; whether she won or not. 

Honestly I believe she has good people around her and they will build her up, and not criticize her for this incident; so that she is better prepared in the future.