About Us

Social Theory is a Black clothing brand that started from the desire to create apparel centered around positive images of Black people and Black culture. In 2017, when the brand first started, we felt there was a need for clothing with statements that empowered and uplifted the Black community. Some of our core pieces included the statements 'Black+Proud', 'King, Queen & Young King' (with Africa at the center of the words), and the anchor of the brand 'Black Culture Influences Everything'.

Our intention remains the same, but we have since pivoted from being a Black t-shirt designer to an evolving lifestyle brand with streetwear aesthetics. The focus of Social Theory has moved from statement tees, to the creation of a Black clothing line that appeals to the community through fashion while still highlighting our history, culture and contributions to the world. 

Everything we create will be, as it has been, done with intention and purpose. Our goal is to create a feel good brand that’s undeniably for us. The shift we’re creating will embed the message in the details, allowing the design and execution to be front and center, while our purpose remains at the forefront.