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When we gather, there is so much magic that happens; you see Black men smiling, Black women being appreciated, an exchange of compliments between strangers and the feeling of love overwhelms the space. There is always a reason to celebrate blackness but any time we have the stage to all be on one accord in the same moment we should take full advantage of that. There is so much power in loving who we are, recognizing what we've been through as a people and not allowing that to hinder our presence or our future.

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The way hip hop influences the culture you wouldn't think that it's only been around for just 50 years. What started as a back-to-school jam in the rec room of an apartment building, has become a worldwide phenomenon. By isolating the parts of the song that people wanted to dance to, DJ Kool Herc developed a style that became the blueprint for hip hop music. The "break" in a song is what DJ Kool Herc focused on, combining different songs at their breaking points and ultimately creating what we know now as a mash-up. Herc used hard funk records, from...

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When they see people that look like them, who are connected to them culturallly, doing great things, and exuding black excellence they aspire to be like them. They develop a desire to be great and be recognized for their greatness, so they imitate and mimic the images of the people that look like them. 

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