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Knowing who we are is essential for growth as a community. Community is where the culture grows, which is why preserving our community is so important.  When we gather, magic happens; and that's the beauty in Black culture.  We are a great people, there is no doubt about that; but we, as a people, need to collectively realize and embody that more. This is why sharing information is important, having first hand knowledge about what's going on in our communities is crucial and not taking the word of outside sources is absolutely necessary. Those that are looking from the outside in want to...

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When they see people that look like them, who are connected to them culturallly, doing great things, and exuding black excellence they aspire to be like them. They develop a desire to be great and be recognized for their greatness, so they imitate and mimic the images of the people that look like them. 

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With so much constantly going on in and around the Black community, we automatically think those that have a platform should take on the role of being "our voice". When making this assumption, we must be conscious of the fact that not everyone has the same perspective, or are willing to speak on "our" behalf, or are even equipped to speak for us.  There were negative opinions associated with Tiffany Haddish's respond to the reporter from People Magazine. Personally, I didn't expect that to come from her mouth, and was taken aback from her statement. If I were to put...

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