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Proper Representation

We naturally gravitate to things that provide us with some kind of familiarity. When we go to a public space we automatically look for faces that we know, it provides us with some form of comfort. Even if we don't personally know someone there, we may even look for someone that looks like us. The same familiarity is used when we decide to try something new. We get recommendations from people we know share our interests, and we trust their word for that reason alone. 

There was a post on social media about school and the lack of some black children's interest in the material being taught because they don't see anyone that looks like them. Overall, this issue has remained the same in most institutions, but it is changing. I personally didn't learn of any history containing people of African descent until I was in High School; and it is was probably only a semester's worth. Of course we learned about how we, as a people, made it to America, and a few of the men and women who made their mark in history, but there is so much more that we have yet to learn about. What we're being taught lacks the familiarity that we look for, that gives us the association that we desire. 

Regardless of our teaching methods, a child's natural way of learning is by imitiation. They watch and study actions, mannerisms, and behaviors; even imitating the things we think they don't see. This is why the depiction of greatness is so necessary for them. When they see people that look like them, who are connected to them culturallly, doing great things, and exuding black excellence they aspire to be like them. They develop a desire to be great and be recognized for their greatness, so they imitate and mimic the images of the people that look like them. 

Schools aren't going to teach our children everything they need to know about who they are, the potential they have and who they have the potential to become. It is our responsibility to make sure they are aware and have access to positive influences and influencers. There were many before us that have paved the way for greatness and many more to come. Let them know they are the future of Black Exellence.