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Good For The Culture

Loving Black women is good for the culture. 

When you love a Black woman, that love nurtures the ecosystem of the Black community. Loving a Black woman pours into a cycle of love and care that helps to sustain our culture. When a Black woman is loved she is able to share love and go even harder. Just think about it.

Black women do what's necessary regardless, whether it's in the presence or absence of love. We do what needs to be done. We tend to joke about having the "Fuck it, I'll do it" mentality, but we just want to make things happen. We have it set in our minds that waiting around for someone else to decide whether or not they're going to do something is a waste of time.  Regardless of what's going on around us, business gets taken care of; even if it's not our own. This is why loving the Black woman is so necessary.

And the love doesn't have to come from the opposite sex, someone they're intimately connected to, or anyone she has a personal relationship with; love just should be present. That's why it's essential for us, as a people, to uplift and encourage one another. We need to make it a habit to do so, not just the people around us, but just US in general.

We are reminded everyday of the burden of the Black man in America, but Black women tend to bare a burden that most don't acknowledge because of our nurturing nature. It's just in us to make sure that those that we love and care about are taken care of. We raise children, and continuously learn so we can teach. We ease the minds of others, while over very own may be riddled with concern. We cater to the needs of those closest to us, and our own needs are left to be dealt with later; or maybe not even at all.  

We are very special beings, and everyone knows it.  I'm saying this to say, take care of us. If we're always looking out for everyone else, and no one is being mindful of the Back woman, then we all eventually suffer. If we're not shown love, then everyone loses. So, show love, give love, spread love and express love as much as possible, because loving Black women is good for the culture.