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Community is Culture

Knowing who we are is essential for growth as a community.

Community is where the culture grows, which is why preserving our community is so important. 

When we gather, magic happens; and that's the beauty in Black culture.  We are a great people, there is no doubt about that; but we, as a people, need to collectively realize and embody that more. This is why sharing information is important, having first hand knowledge about what's going on in our communities is crucial and not taking the word of outside sources is absolutely necessary. Those that are looking from the outside in want to depict us in a certain light, and if that's our only source of information than that's the "truth" that we'll accept.

Get more involved, pay attention, be a part of the culture; and don't just take from it, pour into it. The more you learn, the more you're able to teach. Information is meant to be shared. The only way we can truly thrive as a community and push the culture forward is by gaining access to information and giving that same access to those around us. We are able to teach us because we share experiences, and share a community, and possess common interests. Once you become aware of yourself, and realize the greatness you have, share the revelation with others.

Growth is truly a mindset, and sometimes the shift in mindset that needs to occur comes from exposure to information we are unaware of. We are an amazing, innovative, and creative group of people, with immeasureable potential. Everything around us has a Black cultural influence, and that's because others recognize our greatness and imitate it.

The more of us that realizes who we truly are, the more we're able to preserve our community which allows growth within the community, and this pushes the culture forward.