Legacy Matters

Legacy Matters

This week Nipsey Hussle received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making him one of the few Black rap artists to be honored this way. This moment was important for two reasons, it shows the impact he had outside of music and it's proof that his legacy lives on. 

Nipsey was more than music for a lot of people, and especially for the city of LA. He was a businessman, and community leader; bringing businesses, resources and opportunities to the area that raised him.

The Marathon Clothing store is at the top of the list when people think of Nipsey and business, right alongside his collaboration with Puma; but he also invested in real estate projects and started a co-working space in the middle of Crenshaw that serves as "cultural and intellectual hubs for entrepreneurs and creatives" [according to the site].

Vector 90 allows the community to have access to private and shared workspaces, with amenities like business services and commercial grade IT. This space was created in conjunction with the STEM program he co-founded titled "Too Big to Fail"; which intended to bridge the gap between the underserved community and Silicon Valley.

Nipsey ultimately became what he looked for as a child, "...somebody that cared. Someone that was creating the potential for change and that had an agenda outside of their own self interests," [LA Times, April 2019]. That's who he was for many, which is why he continues to be honored and celebrated, and lives on through the legacy he created.